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The positive side of autism

The positive side of autism

Matt's touching story begins even before birth. I attemped to have a baby for nine years and had many treatments to to facilitate the process. I asked God to give me the opportunity to be a mother, even if my child had a special needs. Everyone awaited the news of my pregnancy. But all the negative results made me lose hope. I stopped the phone when the doctor's office would call to give me the results

During my visit to the hospital, I told to the doctor, "I think my child has Autism." I knew what Autism was because a friend of the family had a son with the disorder. The specialist referred me to a neurologist, After patiently waiting for months, the neurologist finally confirmed my supicions. On february 14, 2007, Matt was diagnosed with Autism at 20 months old

I am grateful to God for giving me the patience! Being a mother of a special child has given me the privilege of becoming knowledgeable of things loke Therapy, Psychology, Special Education, Advocacy and more fascinating topics

I appreciate this great blessing! With Azulblue, I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful mothers , whom I thank for their trust. I admire and respect all of them. They have given me the strength to keep going. Thanks to you, I have no time to fall, much less to surrender. I always say that you have a friend in me who is here to help, simply because we all have something big in common:

The Love for our children