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Activities of Azulblue

Soccer Camp by Azulblue

Soccer Camp

Azulblue Soccer Camp is an activity that aims to help children establish meaningful friendships through soccer. Parents are active members of the group and are encouraged to participate and interact with their children.

Workshops by Azulblue


Azulblue’s bilingual educational workshops are conducted once a month. Experts provide an informational presentation on their fields of expertise. An interpreter is provided to facilitate the language barrier. Topics are based on the areas of interest that the families have.

Teen Inclusion Club by Azulblue

Teen Inclusion Club

Teens Inclusion Project is a group that allows adolescents with Autism and typical peers to socialize and form genuine and meaningful bonds and improve their social skills.

Late Events by Azulblue

Late Events

The parent orientation is the most important component of Azulblue’s programs. The parent orientation is conducted in spanish to assist families who have recently received a diagnosis of Autism and need assistance navigating through all the community resources available.