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When we decided to found Azulblue United by Autism, we never imagined receiving recognitions like this from the Governor of Nevada. The love for our children and the passion to serve the community, makes us continue every day. Thanks to all azulblue families for their support. Thanks to our Governor Mr. Brian Sandoval for such valuable recognition. We are proud of Nevada.


The term autism comes from the Greek word eaftismo, which means "self-contained" . Autism is not a disease but rather a developmental disorder of brain function permanent and profound. In many cases causes problems with autism: communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

In Autism social interactions with others, both physical (such as hugging or holding) and verbal (such as maintaining a conversation) are not easy to carry, routines or repetitive behaviors, such as repeating words or actions over and over again, follow their routine or schedule for their activities obsessively, or have very specific ways to fix your belongings.

The general symptoms are inability of social interaction, isolation, stereotypes (uncontrolled movements of limb, usually the hands), very rigid behavior, denial of any changes or new and repeat a particular action many times.


To provide support to individuals with Autism and their families, through education, guideance, socialization, and technology, so that they are able to reach their maximum potential and reach a higher quality of life.


To provide awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders to our comunities, and to assist parents with children under the Autism Spectrum in providing guidance to their children, so that they can be integrated into their community and reach their full potencial.


We offer orientation training for new families, where we show them how to navigate on differents resources


. Teens Inclusion
. Soccer Camps
. Medical conference
. Ladies Breakfast
. Advocacy conference
. Guide for parents
. Basketball Camps


Are you in need on volunteer hours for school? We Welcome any volunteer, participating in any on Our activities is Awesome!